Declaration Of Consent To The Use Of Your Data
Your application to RDTech.
Thank you for your interest in RDTech. Before you submit your application, we would like to ask for your consent to the storage and processing of your data. You can find our data protection statement here.
Purposes for which we process your personal data
Your data will be processed exclusively for the purposes of completing the application process. You can withdraw your application and the right to process your data that you have given us at any time (via email to [email protected]). By submitting an application, you are making your data available to the responsible department.
Categories of data collected and processed
We collect and process contact and personal data. Storage duration and deletion of data Your personal data are kept for as long as you have a relation with us. Once that relation is terminated, the personal data processed for each purpose will be kept for the legally established periods, including the period within which a judge or a court may request them, the lapse period for legal actions being taken into account. Processed data will be kept for as long as the legal deadlines referred to above do not expire, if there is a legal obligation to keep them, or, if there is no legal deadline, until the interested party requests to have such data suppressed or the consent given by such interested party is withdrawn. We will keep all information and communications about your purchase or the provision of our service for as long as the guarantees over products or services are valid, so as to deal with possible claims.
Declaration of consent to the use of your data
I hereby consent to the processing of my personal data for the selected purposes, and agree that RDTech may collect, store, process and use the personal data I have provided. My data will only be processed for any purpose beyond those specified if required by law. I can withdraw my consent to the processing of my data at any time here.

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